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Tasmanian Packwalks. March, early April. Travellers Range (Graeme), Southern Range (Greg), Ritters Track (David), Western Arthurs (David).


Southern Range Tasmania Packwalk

March 21 Drive to Ida Bay, set up camp at Mystery Cave and explore the cave system

22  - Mystery Cave to Moonlight Creek. 5 hours

23 Moonlight Creek to Pigsty Ponds. 3 hours. Set up base camp and explore Andell Falls and Reservoir lake

24- Day trip to Ooze Lake and return 4-6 hours

25- day trip to Mount La Perouse and The Hippo

26 Pigsty Ponds to Mystery Caves

27 spare day if needed depending on conditions

Maps: Tasmap: Leprina and Precipitous

Enquiries: Greg


The Ritters Track.

Hard Pack Walk 5 days: 29th Mar 2nd April 2023

Map: Jerusalem TL06

 This will be a multiday hike across the Central Conservation area of Tasmania starting at the Higgs Track and finishing in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park. The first day is a steady climb of several hundred metres along the Higgs Track to Lady Lake Hut. The rest of the walk is undulating countryside but this is a route rather than a track and some off track walking is expected. As this is the Tasmanian High country, gear and experience with snow and blizzards is required. We will use a local bus company to reduce the car shuffle.

Book via Email to David





The Western Arthurs

Hard Packwalk 10 days 5th  15th April 2023

Tasmap website

 This will be a very hard traverse across the Western Arthurs. Walkers need to be prepared for carrying a heavy pack in very step and rugged landscape. As this is high in the mountains extremely adverse weather can be expected.

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Jun 5


Jun 24




Larapinta Trail A 17 day packwalk in central Australia in June 2023.

Dates include travel to and from Alice Springs.

This hike will be walked end to end from west to east, and I welcome any fellow walkers wanting to join us for all or some of this iconic walk. (There are several access points along the track so its possible to only walk for 1 or 2 sections if you would like). For information about this walk the following website is very detailed:

Enquiries: Greg